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I’ve got a Facebook account. I write plenty of emails and some hard copy letters. I say I want to write fiction. Instead, I’m picking up this blog account I opened and abandoned four years ago. Not smart.

But my partner JDG and I are seriously goofing off. We’re travelling for the foreseeable future, and this blog lets us tell family and friends about our paths and thoughts in ways we wouldn’t foist on the Facebook world.

Family will know that243937_10150182343082917_6338899_o Ynnsie was  my baby nickname – an embarrassment now and not a tag for a 50-something-year-old woman (and woe unto anyone but one aunt who tries to use it). But apparently it’s unique – Gmail let me have it without attaching a number or anything! If you Google Ynnsie, I’m the only person in the world who shows up. Irresistible.

JDG doesn’t have a cute baby name he’s admitting to. Nevertheless, he may post here as well.

So away we go, apostrophizing.

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