The rain in Spain

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February 3, 2017 by Ynnsie

The day after Ground Hog day and it’s minus 4 or something in Toronto.

In Seville it’s 16 degrees C – about 58F. NOT warm. And it’s raining. It rained yesterday and the day before. It rained through the night and made the drains smelly. It rained as we pedalled our bikes to the Extranjeria office again today. This weekend, they’re calling for more rain. And all the nights are cold – within a few degrees of freezing.

Wah! We’re not prepared for April-in-Toronto. Because we were stopping over in London, we kept one pair of gloves apiece, and one winter head covering. We each packed a fleece and a rain jacket – and the rest is an optimistic mix of spring stuff and sandals, T-shirts, sun screen and sun hats. A sun dress for me, shorts for JDG. Ready for heat and light.

Our home here is heated, sort of. There’s one heater/AC unit on the wall here in the living room and another in our bedroom downstairs. There’s also a roll-away heater we can use though we feel guilty and, besides, the draftiness about defeats its effect.

dsc_0259None of these heaters does much to counteract the effect of marble floors throughout the two storeys. Or the single glaze windows. Or especially the wall of oddly flimsy plastic windows that line the long side of the kitchen. I’m perishing much of the time. J, my saviour, dug into his dictionary and went on a successful quest to find me una bolsa de agua caliente – a hot water bottle. Funky, no? I am devoted to it.

Mustn’t grumble, I suppose. Seville natives have told us that this is a cold snap, unwonted in these parts, unlikely to last. But they can’t account for the rain. As J posted plaintively to Facebook yesterday “Here we are in the valley of the Guadalquivir, and yet it rains. Am I to understand that Henry Higgins was not teaching geography?”


It’s not all bad. As you’ve seen, we have a micro-climate on our terrace. When the sun shines, we strip down to long sleeves and maybe a vest (or warming blanket) out there. We’ve got our growing bottle collection to warm us up.

But about this rain. Can anyone tell us where to address our law suit for malicious misrepresentation against messieurs  Lerner and Loewe??

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